Gamblit iGaming Portfolio Reel

Gamblit Gaming's iGaming Portfolio Reel. Gameplay footage.
(Hosted on the YouTube channel of Edvard Toth; Former CCO of Gamblit Gaming.)

Gamblit iGaming Portfolio Reel

Gameplay trailer of Gamblit Gaming's portfolio of interactive and skill-influenced igaming titles, including several brand new games as well as online versions of award-winning casino favorites. These games were all either created from scratch during our pivot from land-based casino games to HTML 5 web-based games in under a year. We pivoted from Unity to Cocos Creator in order to take advantage of it's powerful HTML 5 build tools. Some of these games were originally built by our team in Unity prior to the Pandemic of 2020, but had to be rebuilt from the ground up in Cocos.

Designed & developed by the Gamblit Game Studio.
All game footage recorded directly in the browser.
All content is pre-release and subject to change.

Timestamp references for each title:
00:00 - Slot Siege™
01:28 - Soli™
03:02 - Lucky Words Connect™
03:56 - Dice Arena™
05:16 - Gemflux™
06:20 - Deal or No Deal Poker
07:18 - Deal or No Deal Banker's Poker
08:25 - Navy Blitz™
10:27 - Acey Deucey™
11:10 - Overthrow™
13:11 - Match 3volution™

I worked on every title here as Technical Art Director, creating art, animation and VFX, optimizing assets, and managing and art directing external artists. Video hosted from the YouTube channel of Edvard Toth, former CCO of Gamblit Gaming.

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